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Our past and present clients have come from virtually all industries and locations within Australia. Our Melbourne Business Coaches have worked with over 1500 Clients including McDonald's, Domino's, Subway & Macquarie Bank through to small start up operations.

The size of your company is not as important as the size of your desire to grow

and for you to find individual fulfillment.


—  Russell Timsar, Subway, Tasmania

"James & I have worked together for over 9 years. During this time we have formed a strong stakeholder partnership. Our approach to our respective businesses has been one of a joint problem-solving nature. James integrity, thoughtfulness & experience gives our business more than just training, but gives us innovation and problem solving experience as well. James exceeds expectations and is somehow a business advisor as a 'bonus' to Live Long Enterprises. James & Positive have become an integral part of our company and I suggest you make him/them a part of yours! You'd simply be mad not to - no gimmicks, just fair dinkum."


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